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Archive and release notes for most recent builds of Visual Assist

Release notes apply to all IDEs unless indicated. Case numbers are for internal tracking only. Numbered links refer to related posts in our support forums.

 Visual Assist Build 2353

requires software maintenance through 2019.11.07 (General release.)

  • New Code Inspection engine updated to LLVM/Clang version 9. (case=115070)
  • New Items flagged by Code Inspection can be disabled via directives in source comments by instance or for whole files (documentation forthcoming, in the meantime see recent post in support forum). (case=111068) 14006
  • New Underlying Clang checker names now visible in both the Code Inspection page of the VA Options dialog and the Code Inspections results window. (case=141185)
  • New Exposed more settings for individual Code Inspection checkers, in addition to adding a search function and UI enhancements, to the Code Inspection page of the VA Options dialog. (case=141183, case=141187, case=141258)
  • New Defaulted methods are no longer selected by default when executing Move Implementations. (case=141280)
  • New Added option to not use the `virtual` keyword when implementing an interface or overriding virtual base methods (for when you prefer to use only the `override` keyword) (Code Generation page of the VA Options dialog). (case=140855)
  • New Added UI to Options dialog for controlling performance of parsing threads (modification requires restart) (Performance page of the VA Options dialog). (case=140994) 16690
  • New Added UI to Options dialog for specifying an alternate symbol database directory (modification requires restart) (Performance page of the VA Options dialog). (case=141055)
  • [VS2019] Fix for loss of VA functionality (and potential crash) that occurs in recent VS2019 updates when the Preview Tab is enabled. (case=141374) 1674216740
  • [VS2019] Enabled/restored support for completion and suggestion listboxes in C#. (case=137431) 16590, 16625, 16644, 16675
  • Rename References and Rename Files close files during their operation if more than 50 have to be opened (user is prompted to continue or cancel before closing files). (case=116948) 15227
  • Fixed files missing from Open File in Solution dialog when "Show only files in the current solution" is unchecked (for some cmake scenarios). (case=141331)
  • Fixed problem with Add Include that in some cases caused generation of relative path with excessive directory traversal operators (../..). (case=119677)
  • [VS2017+] Fixed problem in which VA editor colors reverted to previous theme after changing themes and then opening and closing the VA Options dialog. (case=140632)
  • Fixed placement of generated code when executing Extract Method in a lambda of an inline class method. (case=140886)
  • [UE4] Dot to arrow conversion is no longer active in hlsl/hlsli/usf/ush files. (case=141003)
  • [UE4] Fixed case in which Goto might cause stack overflow crash. (case=141444)
  • Fixed crash upon right-click of serial number edit control in registration dialog that appears during startup. (case=141409)
  • [VS2010] Fixed crash during exit after having used the debugger. (case=141365)
  • Fix for flicker of listbox border while scrolling. (case=141179)
  • Fix for hang during initialization of Code Inspection. (case=141230)
  • Fix for issue where VA prevented exit of VS process when initiated during load of solution. (case=141007)
  • Spell check no longer underlines printf format size specifiers %zu and %llu. (case=67155, case=141164) 10749, 16606
  • Fixed case in which Quick Info creation might cause a hang (regression in build 2341.0). (case=141330)

 Visual Assist Build 2341.2

requires software maintenance through 2019.08.05 (General release.)

  • [VS2019] Disable VA in xaml/asp files to workaround crash closing the editor on Windows 10 1903 with July .NET Framework 4.8 KB4506991 update when "Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities" is checked (set VA reg value "OverridePmaCrashWorkaround" to 01 to restore previous behavior, for example if the fix for the bug in KB4506991 is released before the next VA update; the fix has been tentatively scheduled to be released in the September/October timeframe). (case=141042)
  • Fix for infinite loop in background parser thread that prevented devenv process from exiting (regression in build 2341.0). (case=141021)
  • Fix for incorrect display of ampersands in the VA Paste menu. (case=140969) 16677

 Visual Assist Build 2341

requires software maintenance through 2019.07.11 (General release.)

  • New Added support for independent coloring of enum members (separated from macro), and namespace identifiers (separated from class). (case=39380, case=82485) 9340, 12050, 15303
  • New [C++] Encapsulate Field now supports independent names for getter and setter, and makes either optional. (case=95632) 16457
  • New Quick Info comment augmentation on a class method override now includes comments from the immediate parent class and the root base class (if different than the immediate parent). (case=117042) 15224
  • Fix for laggy typing (micro-hangs) while working with boost classes in large solutions. (case=140857)
  • Fix for proper scoping of like-named variables declared in `for` loop conditions that are in the same parent scope, and for type deduction of those variables when they are `auto` declared. (case=9362, case=78814, case=97964, case=114643)
  • Fix for limited scope of C++17 if with initializer. (case=113209) 14089
  • Fixed parsing of C# local functions. (case=118894)
  • Prevent hang opening Spell-Check suggestion menu that occurred in some cases (regression in build 2301). (case=140854) 16656
  • [VS2019] Added workaround for document rename operation failures (in VS0219, renamed files are closed and then reopened to workaround a VS bug). (case=140846)
  • Fix for parsing of a nested final class, forward-declared in a different class. (case=140771) 16597
  • Fixed collision of VA floating button/tomato with VS floating lightbulb/screwdriver. (case=116401, case=136078, case=138234) 16591
  • Fixed case in which parsing of a raw string literal failed and caused a cascading failure in the rest of the file. (case=138472)
  • Fix for conflict with ViEmu introduced in build 2324. (case=140155) 16610
  • Fixed text coloring bug in Find References results list. (case=140343) 16626
  • Fix for incorrect Find References results in a particular scenario on a global function. (case=140823)
  • Fix for VA Snippet processing of _Upper/_Lower/_Camel/_Pascal modifiers on unicode string sources. (case=138339)
  • [VS2019+] Added Ctrl+Shift+V recommended keybinding for the VA Paste command due to new VS2019 command binding collision. (case=140474) 16634
  • [VS2019+] Added Alt+] recommended keybinding for the VA Smart Select Extend Block command due to new VS2019 command binding collision. (case=140897)
  • Files opened from VA View MRU and FIS controls no longer use VS Preview tab (parity with VA OFIS dialog behavior). (case=137970)
  • Fixed parsing of C# verbatim keyword identifiers. (case=140822)

 Visual Assist Build 2333

requires software maintenance through 2019.05.04 (General release.)

  • [VS2017+] Fix for intermittent cases in which completion listbox appears at incorrect screen coordinate after startup (regression). (case=139997) 16607
  • Fix for corrupt display of unicode characters that require utf16 surrogate pairs. (case=138734)
  • Fix for completion listbox item not being properly entered into editor in some cases when `Insert _ after m and shift` setting is enabled (regression). (case=138729) 16600
  • [VS2019] Fix for enable/disable of built-in highlight current line setting. (case=138638)

 Visual Assist Build 2331

requires software maintenance through 2019.04.19 (General release.)

  • New Support for VS 2019 16.1 Preview 1
  • New Added command (VAssistX | Tools | Insert Path) that displays UI to select a file and insert its path into a comment (for use with File Viewer plugin for Source Links). (case=114520)
  • [VS2015+] Visual Assist supports async load, clearing the `deprecated API` yellow bar notification of previous releases in VS2019. (case=112957) 1646216590
  • [VS2019] VA Step Filter now supports the new `load debug symbols in external process` feature. (case=132670) 16462
  • Fix for coloring, in dialogs and tool windows, of identifiers that contain non-ASCII characters. (case=118872)
  • Fix for Add Forward Declaration producing invalid namespace in some circumstances. (case=137679) 16566
  • Fix for conflict with version of AvalonEdit assembly installed by NVidia NSight. (case=132900, case=137033) 16464
  • Fix for crash while debugging in some circumstances when the `Child Process Debugging Tool` extension is active. (case=137833)
  • Fix for Implement Virtual Methods not being offered on specified base class if defined class is declared final. (case=119831)
  • Fix for Implement Virtual Methods not being offered in some circumstances involving macros. (case=117943)
  • Fix for incorrect VA Snippet placeholder handling in some circumstances (regression in 2301). (case=137542)
  • [VS2010-VS2013] Fix for flicker of .exe installer when it downgrades to lower versions of .vsix to target IDE versions below VS2015. (case=138045)
  • [pre-VS2010] Fix for crash at exit in some circumstances. (case=138040)
  • [VC6 (officially unsupported)] Fix for failure of registration dialog to load. (case=137664)

 Visual Assist Build 2324

requires software maintenance through 2019.03.08 (General release.)

  • New Preliminary support for VS 2019 Preview 4 and RC (Previews 1-3 no longer supported). Known issues: VA Step Filter does not work when `Load debug symbols in external process is enabled` (new VS feature, enabled by default); yellow bar notification regarding extension at risk of not functioning in a future VS update; Visual Assist completions and suggestions are no longer available in languages other than C/C++. (case=137235)
  • [VS2019] Restored Visual Assist Keyboard Shortcuts command. (case=135856)
  • [VS2017+] Undo for commenting and `surround with` operations now move caret back to edit location. (case=117212)
  • [VS2019] Fix for deadlock that can occur in certain circumstances when closing the Open File in Solution dialog. (case=136927)
  • [VC6-VS2003 (officially unsupported)] Fix for text entry failures in various dialogs due to Unicode support added for newer IDEs in build 2302 (regression in 2302). (case=134135) 16503

 Visual Assist Build 2318

requires software maintenance through 2019.02.17 (General release.)

  • New Added support for new licensing system.

 Visual Assist Build 2316

requires software maintenance through 2019.02.05 (General release.)

  • New Preliminary support for VS 2019 Preview 2. Known issues: VA Step Filter does not work when `Load debug symbols in external process is enabled` (new VS feature, enabled by default); yellow bar notification regarding extension at risk of not functioning in a future VS update; preview instability has greatly impacted our ability to test VA in it; Visual Assist Keyboard Shortcuts command removed from VS2019 while Microsoft is changing extension command hosting. (case=135629, case=135701, case=135810, case=135843, case=135846, case=136187)
  • New Insert VA Snippet command added to the VA Quick Action menu when invoked in file whitespace. (case=117140)
  • [VS2015] Fix for new breakpoint commands introduced in build 2301 failing to work in some environments. (case=134666) 16525
  • Fix for Create Implementation adding semi-colon at the end of a line comment. (case=81059) 12156, 12300, 12881
  • Fix for Create Implementation being offered when '=default' implementation already exists in source file. (case=104654) 12879, 16487
  • Added support to Move Implementation for '= default' implementations. (case=118695) 15314
  • Fix for incorrect code generation when using Create Implementation or Move Implementation on a method that has a default brace-initialized parameter (= {}). (case=131324)
  • Updated UI on the Source Links page of the VA Options dialog to finalize support of shared solution-defined Source Links. (case=133421, case=135517)
  • The title element of the VA View tool window now properly displays non-ASCII characters. (case=132230)
  • The Spell Check dialog now properly displays non-ASCII characters. (case=132524)
  • Fix for deadlock that could occur when closing the Open File in Solution dialog under some circumstances. (case=135202)
  • Fix for some Code Inspections failing to properly apply changes in editor in some circumstances (regressions in 2301). (case=134448, case=134171)
  • [Win7] Fix for failure of tooltips to appear in VA tool windows (regression in 2301). (case=132901)

 Visual Assist Build 2302

requires software maintenance through 2018.12.13 (General release.)

  • New Very preliminary support for VS 2019 Preview 1. Known issues: VA Step Filter does not work when `Load debug symbols in external process is enabled` (new VS feature, enabled by default); yellow bar notification regarding extension at risk of not functioning in a future VS update; changes expected in Preview 2 will almost certainly require another update of VA (build 2302 is unlikely to integrate properly with VC++ in Preview 2); preview instability has greatly impacted our ability to test VA in it. (case=132624) 16462
  • New Added support for UTF-8 encoding of dictionary files used by Spell Check. (case=132797)
  • Fix for exception caught and reported by Visual Studio during startup when VA debugger integration is disabled (regression in 2301). (case=132716) 16465
  • Fixes for Spell Check underlining and correction menu (regression in 2301). (case=132797)

 Visual Assist Build 2301

requires software maintenance through 2018.11.30 (General release.)

  • New [VS2010+] [Beta] Support for shared solution-defined Source Links. (case=115282)
  • New [VS2015+] Added toggle command to temporarily bind all breakpoints to the current thread (VAssistX | Debug | Bind Breakpoints to Current Thread). (case=117963)
  • New [VS2015+] Added toggle command to temporarily disable all currently enabled breakpoints (VAssistX | Debug | Skip All Breakpoints). (case=117964)
  • New [VS2010+] Source Links File Viewer plugin renders SVG content. (case=119335) 16369
  • Improved support of identifiers with non-ASCII characters. (case=500, case=2366, case=4983, case=5792, case=90174, case=105281)
  • Improved support for UE4. (case=108835, case=116702, case=117768, case=119915, case=120043, case=131103, case=117081) 15248, 15244, 15240, 15248, 15226
  • Code Inspections no longer offered in system include headers (restore previous behavior via ExcludeSystemDirectories registry value). (case=119565)
  • Code Inspections no longer offered in third party source (restore previous behavior via Exclude3rdPartyDirectories registry value). (case=119844)
  • [VS2017] Fix for incompatibility with IntelliCode suggestions. (case=118434) 15300
  • [VS2010+] Fix for incorrect link generation by Source Links File Viewer plugin due to ignoring word boundaries. (case=118798)
  • [VS2017 15.9+] Keyboard bindings for the Visual Assist SmartSelectExtend and SmartSelectShrink commands added to Recommended Keyboard Shortcuts dialog due to 15.9 now using the bindings for itself by default. (case=119816)
  • Fix for incorrect code generation in some cases during quick fix for 'convert to range-based for loop.' (case=117328)
  • Fix for items following block comments missing from Methods In File list in some cases. (case=131102)
  • Fix for incorrect coloring of symbol after string literals that contain non-ASCII text on Windows 10 Insider Preview. (case=116803)
  • Fix for incorrect creation status in Find References results window for extern variable declarations. (case=117634)
  • Fix for failure to be able to use non-ASCII characters in Rename Files and Create File dialogs. (case=130729)
  • Fix for Rename Files dialog defaulting to incorrect name in some scenarios. (case=130794)
  • Fix for Add Forward Declaration being unavailable on parameter type when initializer list is present. (case=131036)
  • Fix for Add Include producing incorrect path in some cases with the "Prefer path relative to project" option. (case=119905)
  • Fix for improperly parented message boxes when using floating editor windows. (case=118459)
  • Visual Assist version number now reported in About Visual Studio dialog. (case=120047) 16415

 Visual Assist Build 2291.5

requires software maintenance through 2018.10.02 (General release.)

  • Fix for parsing change that caused some members of UE4 classes to no longer be recognized by VA (regression in 2291). (case=119590) 16402
  • [VS2017] Fix for failure of ctrl+left-click commands to work if a selection exists before invocation (regression in 2291). (case=119698)

 Visual Assist Build 2291

requires software maintenance through 2018.09.21 (General release.)

  • New Added context menu commands to expand and collapse all nodes in Find References results tool window. (case=2488) 5299, 7611, 9306, 10073, 12038, 12460
  • New Added a setting to make Add Include attempt to create a directive path rooted to the project directory. (case=33851) 9049, 12214, 12695, 12782, 15236
  • New Added context menu commands to unhide hashtags in VA Hashtags tool window (available when 'Show hidden items dimmed' is checked). (case=114449)
  • New Improved placement of generated include directive when first line of file is blank but followed by '#pragma once' or comment. (case=117094) 15231
  • New Added context menu command and Ctrl+R keybinding to toggle enable/disable of the persistent filter in Open File in Solution dialog. (case=117760) 9456
  • Improved support for UE4. (case=117506, case=118239, case=110511) 15239, 14172
  • [VS2017 15.8+] Fixed coloring of identifier definitions in C# broken by change in editor behavior. (case=118439) 15299
  • [VS2017 15.8+] VA no longer interferes with Multi-Caret Edit mode. (case=117499) 15297, 15304
  • Fixed support of C# interpolated strings. (case=96559, case=98335) 12858, 15278, 15251
  • Fixed support of C# inline declared out variables. (case=116073) 13962
  • Fixed support of C# expression-bodied properties and methods. (case=116299) 15278
  • Improved support of C++14/17 [[attributes]]. (case=112204) 14055
  • Forward declared class/struct in method parameter list no longer breaks VA Outline or Methods in File list. (case=66673) 11312, 12128
  • Fixed case in which type deduction in 'range-based for' failed on a dereferenced smart pointer. (case=97149)
  • Fixed case in which a method with parameter list that contains the word enum is not listed in Methods In File. (case=114839)
  • Fixed case in which Change Signature was not available for functions with certain template arguments. (case=114966)
  • Fixed Create Implementation on static class member that is an instance of a class template. (case=115411) 9724
  • Fixed case in which parser inappropriately resolved overloaded operator-> on an instance variable. (case=117758) 15248
  • [Windows Insider Build] Added workaround for backspace handling in Methods In File filter edit control due to change in Windows behavior. (case=118007) 15261
  • Fix for exception reported as caught by VS when git source control diff command is executed. (case=118858)
  • Fix for VA Step Filter failing to work after initial debug session when 'Clear list on start of debugging' is unchecked. (case=118156)
  • [VS2017] Fix for VA Step Filter no longer stepping over some shared_ptr methods (due to them being moved to _Ptr_base in a VS2017 update). (case=119182)
  • Fixed display of directories list in VA Options dialog at 200% scaling. (case=112033)
  • Increased width of .exe installer status window to fit text that is displayed when setup is waiting for VS processes to exit.  (case=118044)

 Visual Assist Build 2283.2

requires software maintenance through 2018.08.02 (General release.)

  • Fix for crash at startup in some scenarios when Recommended Keybindings dialog would automatically appear (regression in 2283). (case=118079)
  • Fixed alt+mouse block selection (regression in 2283, reverted changes for case=116799). (case=118011) 15271

 Visual Assist Build 2283.1

requires software maintenance through 2018.07.20 (General release.)

  • Improved settings configuration of the Source Links Jira plugin. (case=117783) 15252
  • Fix for hang at startup during load of solution in some cases if Code Inspections results window was open when Visual Studio was last closed (regression in 2283). (case=117845)

 Visual Assist Build 2283

requires software maintenance through 2018.07.12 (General release.)

  • New Add Forward Declaration command added for use on pointers and references in header files. (case=27045) 10014, 10963, 11577, 11628, 14142
  • New Added Source Links plugin for Jira support. (case=112576)
  • New Open File in Solution dialog (alt+shift+o) now supports persistent filter text (display edit control for persistent filter via dialog context menu). (case=25837) 8661, 8420, 9300, 9456, 9434, 10327, 11756
  • New Added setting to disable automatic parsing for Code Inspections when system switches to battery power, and vice versa. (case=112987)
  • New Added Source Links setting to select alternate mouse commands for link execution. (case=114307)
  • New Improved support for UE4. (case=115255, case=115342, case=116151, case=116596, case=116650) 14147, 15216, 14172, 14177, 14202
  • New Added code inspection to replace std::random_shuffle for C++17 modernization. (case=112188)
  • New Window title of cloned Find References results now includes symbol name. (case=112367)
  • New Source Links tooltips populated by the File Viewer plugin display thumbnails from files that contain shell supported thumbnails. (case=116226)
  • Reduced memory required to parse very large files containing huge numbers of macros. (case=115155)
  • Fix for incomplete code transformation of Quick Fix for copy construction body can be replaced with =default. (case=115351) 14178
  • Fix for undeleted .pch files in VA temp directory when Code Inspection is enabled (regression in 2248). (case=116765)
  • Fix for failure to apply multiple Quick Fixes if more than one requires insertion of a #include directive. (case=116405)
  • [VS2017] Fix for failure to observe solution reload events. (case=116501) 15206
  • Fix for incorrect contents of OFIS and FSIS dialogs after switching between git branches (not yet fixed for folder mode). (case=116673) 15206
  • Fix for incorrect contents of FSIS dialog after load of solution in which files were deleted from projects outside of Visual Studio. (case=116689)
  • Fix for odd template items listed in Find Symbol in Solution dialog. (case=9666) 6899, 15208
  • .md and .markdown files are now recognized as plain text files. (case=116064) 15200
  • Fixed parsing of classes qualified as both sealed and abstract. (case=115473)
  • Visual Assist now uses a hidden .va directory for solution configuration files instead of the root solution directory. (case=115362)
  • [VS2015+] Fixed override of ctrl+click and alt+click mouse command handling. (case=116799)
  • Fix for Spell Check failing to properly ignore word followed by a single quote. (case=116759)
  • Fix for inappropriate display of message box when opening MSSQL data view documents. (case=116561) 14193
  • Caret position is now restored after VA reloads a file opened with a path containing forward slashes. (case=116840) 14193
  • [VS2015+] Fix for failure of Step Filter window to switch from read-only to read-write until second solution load (regression in 2270). (case=117139)
  • [VS2017] Fix for Code Inspection failure to honor C++17 compiler settings in some cases. (case=117208)
  • [VS2017 15.7+] Reduced flicker of Quick Info tooltips. (case=117209) 15214
  • Fixed resource leak. (case=117566)
  • Fix for maintenance renewal dialog no longer being displayed (regression in 2114). (case=117498)
  • Fix for crash when inappropriately invoking Encapsulate Field in a namespace. (case=117548)
  • WarnOnLoadOfPathWithReversedSlashes registry setting now supports additional value (2) to automatically, without prompt, reload files that have forward slashes in their paths when opened. (case=116843) 14193, 14151

 Visual Assist Build 2270

requires software maintenance through 2018.04.30 (General release.)

  • New Added new File Viewer plugin to Source Links for file operations on comment text that identify files (using absolute paths or paths relative to active file, project or solution). (case=112266)
  • New Code Inspection parser now runs out-of-process. (case=104069)
  • New Added page to VA Options dialog for settings applicable to UE4. (case=114813)
  • New Find References Results tool window notes count of references hidden due to filtering of result set. (case=93368) 14170
  • New Added additional commands, including Open Containing Folder, to the Quick Action and Goto Related menus when executed from #include directives. (case=114572, case=115101, case=115192)
  • New Commonly named generated files are excluded from Goto (alt+g) results (disable via FilterGeneratedSourceFiles registry setting). (case=115343) 14177
  • Improved support for UE4. (case=111093, case=111627, case=114516, case=114528, case=114560, case=114958, case=114965, case=114967, case=115156, case=115343, case=116049) 14147, 14141, 14140, 14171, 14160, 14194, 14200
  • Improved Code Inspection results in header files. (case=115259)
  • Fixed undo of Change Signature to require only a single invocation of the command across all files modified. (case=115689)
  • [VS2015] Fix for period of unresponsiveness while attempting to display large Quick Info tooltip. (case=115590) 14190
  • Fixed cases where Introduce Variable, Add/Remove Braces, Create Missing Cases, and Create From Usage either were not available or produced incorrect results in overloaded method implementations. (case=114731, case=114730, case=90190, case=86791)
  • Fix for failure to resolve overloaded method during Goto (alt+g). (case=114785)
  • Fix for hashtags not being removed from tool window when file is deleted outside of Visual Studio. (case=114055) 14130
  • Fixed Code Inspection crash. (case=115487)
  • Fix for inappropriate display of message box when opening "mssql::*" documents. (case=115635) 14193
  • Fix for platform change in VA Options dialog not being properly committed (regression in 2258.5). (case=116077)

 Visual Assist Build 2258.5

requires software maintenance through 2018.03.06 (General release.)
Note: this is the last version that runs in VS2010 and newer on Windows XP (though XP is not officially supported).

  • Fix for failure of VA Options dialog to load in some circumstances. (case=114812) 14154

 Visual Assist Build 2258

requires software maintenance through 2018.02.20 (General release.)

  • New Unreal Engine 4 support is automatically enabled in solutions that contain a project named UE4 (see Projects and Files page of VA Options). (case=113964)
  • New Symbols from Unreal Engine 4 source are displayed in italics when "Show system symbols in italics" is enabled. (case=105950)
  • New Convert Instance to Pointer now supports creation of raw pointer, unique_ptr or shared_ptr. (case=113020)
  • New Open File in Solution dialog now accepts optional target character position when specified with target line number. (case=112737, case=112741) 14076
  • New Added support for navigation of VA Hashtags list when focus is in the edit control of the toolwindow (up/down/enter). (case=114151)
  • New Open File in Solution looks for git repo to set base dir when 'include all files in solution directories' is enabled. (case=111480) 13909
  • New VA Hashtags toolwindow supports multiple selection for context menu execution. (case=109048)
  • New Grouped inspections in Code Inspection Results toolwindow can be opened and closed. (case=103705)
  • Fix for 'check emptiness with empty() instead of size()' Code Inspection breaking code. (case=112036) 14048, 14106, 14123 
  • Fix for failure of Sort Selected Lines to do proper case-insensitive sort in some circumstances. (case=114072)
  • Fix for failure of the Edit.GoTo command to work properly when an argument is passed to it. (case=113275) 14094
  • Fixed indication of write to array elements in Find References Results toolwindow. (case=4985) 7880, 11284, 14072 
  • Fixed caret placement after running Quick Fix for typedef conversion. (case=104811)
  • Fix for sluggish behavior when VA Hashtags toolwindow is open in solution with a large number of hashtags. (case=109251) 12596
  • Fix for Create Implementation and Change Signature problems caused by presence of UPARAM attributes in Unreal Engine source. (case=110732, case=110735, case=112654)
  • [VS2017 15.6p3+] Fix for parsing errors introduced in preview versions of 15.6. (case=114222, case=114182)
  • [VS2017 15.6p2+] Fix for failure of VA suggestions to display. (case=114018)
  • Fixed various issues with Convert Instance to Pointer and Convert Pointer to Instance. (case=113770, case=113764, case=112991, case=112992, case=113015, case=113016, case=113019, case=113021, case=113185, case=113194, case=113195)
  • Fix for Implement Virtual Methods failure on classes derived from some Unreal Engine 4 classes. (case=112700)
  • Fix for incorrect members lists for some classes in Unreal Engine 4 game projects. (case=114494)
  • Code Inspection for make_unique and make_shared no longer add #include <memory> if it is already included. (case=113411)
  • Fix for inconsistent line endings caused by make_unique and make_shared Code Inspections. (case=113412)
  • Fix for extra parenthesis left by Code Inspection for push_back to emplace_back. (case=113724) 14120
  • Fix for Introduce Variable placement of variable when uniform initialization syntax is being used. (case=113649)
  • Added registry setting to defeat recent change in behavior of preventing VA Snippets in Unreal Engine U* macro invocations (registry value named AllowSnippetsInUnrealMarkup). (case=113474) 14103

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